Who am I?

Away on the train!

Outside of business hours I’d say I enjoy the finer things in life. I like good food, travel and shiny things. I’m also big on personal development, if there’s an opportunity to learn something new, then I’m all ears!

My main interest though is my free time, I spend it with my 5 year old. Not sure who keeps who entertained most! So often you can find us down the arcades, eating pepperoni pizza, on the beach looking for shells or at home doing homework!

My biggest hobbies include collecting watches, learning new skills and creating lasting connections that I can create real value from. This is probably the biggest contributing factor to the success I’ve achieved in life. Apart from the handsome devil in the picture, I’m very focused on business and making my dreams come to fruition!

My History

I left school to design websites, I quickly learnt I had a knack for it and could earn more money than my parents by picking up a YellowPages and phoning builders to see if they wanted me to design them one.

My pitch was “If they got one client a year from it, it would have more than paid for itself.” I did this on and off for a few years, when it dried up, I’d pick up bar work or chef work.

I did pick up some fair size clients, working with many Blue Chips from both the UK and USA.

From about 21 years old I realised that most things can be learned from picking up books. A lot of these books said you should try things. So, I did. I tried recruitment and door2door sales (which was brutal by the way).

I was self-employed for a while including selling secondhand furniture from the back of a VW Estate to buying pallets of stock to resell until I met my business partner, Jamie Busby.

I worked with Jamie on his Serviced Accommodation business; we then went on to start up an Estate Agents which we saw as an opportunity to sell the Serviced Accommodation too.

Then, one night I got a message from Jamie saying, “Let’s buy a business”. Which is too long winded to explain here, but I’ll happily tell the story over a coffee.

I completed all the courses we could find, which added to our experience. We found a few businesses and nearly got a couple over the line, then we completed on Earnshaw Engineering.

After taking over Earnshaw, on top of running the day to day of the business, I’ve drummed up 20% more business, and that will continue to grow due to the nature of the clients I’ve onboarded. One of which is now the second biggest customer of Earnshaw. I’ve enjoyed boosting staff morale and efficiency. I can confidently say, every single member of staff now enjoys coming to work, and they are more productive because of it.

Spinnaker Tower

My Investment Strategy

Tyler is a private UK Investor seeking to acquire, recapitalize and re-energize the future growth of UK Small – Medium Enterprises (SME’s). My investment philosophy and offer structure is what sets me apart.

Unlike traditional private equity, which often looks to maximise immediate return on investment, I prefer
to look at value over the longer term by investing in businesses and people. I look to drive growth both
organically and through considered acquisition.

I believe ongoing success is the result of combined effort. I partner with companies that are led by strong management teams with a successful history and supportive culture.

I aim to continue the founder’s legacy, firmly believing in companies continuing with the elements that have made them successful, whilst supporting the people within them.

I believe better people produce better outcomes and actively encourage training, growth and
development of our people.

I encourage good corporate citizenship and seek ways to improve the environmental, social and
governance footprint of our portfolio companies.

About Me

I’d class myself as a sales and marketing guru. After a successful career in the Packaging and Design
industry, I moved my interests to sales – both B2B and B2C. This led me to Co-Founding TJD
Investments LTD. I’ve since gone on to grow successful businesses in sectors including Metal
Fabrication, Manufacturing, Import/Export and Property, all of which are a testament to my
entrepreneurial spirit and vision in the business world.

I have have a very strong understanding of the sales and marketing process and have been
instrumental in developing sales growth in portfolio companies, achieving 54%pa over the past 2

When not acting as the company visionary, I also spends time chasing after my young son.

World Book Day 2022

Acquisition Summary

Adopting a patient, longer term view;

Partnering with existing management and providing empathetic support to our people;

Taking an active approach to environmental, social and governance issues; and

Reinvesting in growth whilst avoiding excessive risk.


Retire and leave your business in safe hands

I am looking to acquire companies with solid operating metrics and track records, with vendors often seeking retirement.